on 2/8/01 7:44 PM, S. Ron Oliver at [log in to unmask] wrote:

> I felt it was time to open up a new topic.  Bob Leif, as usual, "gets one
> going".  :)
>> From: Bob Leif
>> To: Ron Oliver et al.
>> The real question is what can be done to fix the process of selecting
>> software development tools? C++ and Java are only illustrations of the
>> problem. The long term solution is NOT to sell Ada; it is to sell
>> statistical process control, which in turn will sell Ada.
> I'm sure most or all of us agree.
>> Engineering executives are supposed to make decisions on facts --not hype.
> Now I know you are dreaming!!  "Engineering executives" can only make
> decisions on the basis of what their "engineering EXPERTS" tell them.  The
> problem is to get these EXPERTS to do their job.  That is quite a different
> matter.

In my experience, the EXPERTS are those that need coverage and don't have to
live with their expert advice.