[said Wes]
> > > "you can have my source, but only if you promise to give all yours away"
> > >     Yes, I know I'm exaggerating the FSF position.  :-)
> >
> > I don't think that's an exaggeration - it's exactly how the FSF-style
> Well, it's an exaggeration in the sense that if I mix GPL code in with the
> source for YY they can't force me to give away the source for XX.  In
> other words "ALL" was the exaggeration.

Huh? Define "mixing in". You need to be really careful, and understand
the GPL and LGPL thoroughly, or you may be violating the license if you
hold back your sources. Ithink the term used in GPL land is "contaminating
your source code" if you "mix in" GPL-ed code.

Note that the _GNAT_ licenses are different from the standard ones!
ACT's terms specifically authorizes stuff that the standard FSF licenses
do not!
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