[said Roger]
> At 04:46 PM 2/19/2001 , Tom Moran wrote:
> > > Now Microsoft weighs in with "Their source crashes so seldom
> > > that we're
> > > losing customers, so let's see if we can make their source
> > > illegal."
> >   To be distinguished from Netscape's "They are giving away their
> >browser for free and thus killing us."
> ><g,d&r>
> I see the difference as being Microsoft did not really give away their
> browser.  They bundled it with the operating system.  Since they had an
> effective monopoly on the operating system, they tried to get an effective
> monopoly on the browser.

Just for completeness: M$ did give away IE for the _Mac_, just on its
website, not bundled with the OS, at a time when Netscape had very
vagye and complex "rules" on who could get Navigator free and who
had to pay.

Later the Apple-Microsoft relationship grew even more complicated,
but that is for another discussion.
> I think that the intent of the company is what makes the difference.  And
> the law is already reasonably clear on what is "dumping" (selling a product
> for less than its cost), and when it is not legal.
> Roger Racine