> > My story would go in a similar vain but the second team did get the
> > program built in one week and it did work 'OK' and it made management
> > very happy.  I was placed on the list for the next lay-offs and they
> > were promoted.
> I'm sure these stories abound. In my own equivalent, the other team's
> code was delivered to the customer in half the time, and I *was* laid
> off. Their code was "mostly working".

Mine is a sort of mixture: my code was delivered on time, the other team's
still hasn't been delivered, their code isn't even "partially working" even
though the requirements were reduced for them.
But my annual performance review gave me the lowest possible rating,
"No area satisfactory", and I'm leaving before I get fired for incompetence.
The managers doing the review were all members of the other team.

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