"Alexandre E. Kopilovitch" wrote:
> >>>The only thing Java added
> >>>to C++ was a little bit of (not nearly enough) error-resistance.
> >
> >>interfaces
> >
> >So what is the difference between a Java Interface and a C++ pure virtual class
> >(apart from the C++ version being less restrictive)?
> Well, consider the following declaration:
>   public class GentleThread implements Runnable {
>     ...
>     }
> How do you say that in C++ ? I.e., what in C++ corresponds to "implements" ?
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Java does not support multiple inheritance so the is how it specifies
common interface specifications.

To answer your question directly:

class GentleThread: public class Runnable

Where Runnable has only abstract interfaces.

Steve Schwarm
EMC Corp