--  .. now primarily used for defence and aerospace systems
--  ...
--  .. for SE but the academic and commercial markets do not agree ..

I believe that Ada has a fair share in telecommunications, but have no hard
facts to support my claim. It is interesting to note though that for
embedded (fx. small noisy handheld devices) most agree that C++ and/or Java
are not the best tools. People brought up in these environments - especially
on PC's - has to be heavily "de-programmed" to be able to produce useable
code. See fx. http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1006-200-4614876.html?tag=mn_hd
for some statements on this. Lack of Ada support lib's for fx. the Palm
platforms is a BIG problem and most developers has choosen to go "backward"
to C again.

--  .. I do not think that the central message of the book ..

I can only agree. Programming is only a (very) small part of SW Engineering.
We have good use of your excellent book - both with and without Ada code in

regards  /søren
Søren Henssel-Rasmussen
Nokia Mobile Phones, R&D Copenhagen