Call for participation in the CHI Designers group

ACM/SIGCHI would like to start a new group dedicated to bringing CHI
members involved in Design. We specifically want volunteers to
participate in the design activities of SIGCHI, such as redesigning
the SIGCHI conference booth, web site etc.

I have already asked once for people interested however, due to a
system crash and hard disk corruption (a terrible combination) I have
lost the e-mails of people interested. I also wanted to ask people in
different communities so I would like to post this call for
participation once more and ask those who are interested to please
contact me.  I also would like to apologize to those who have already
responded and ask for their indulgence by replying a second time.

Thank you for your attention.

Jonathan Arnowitz
Adjunct Chair, Design, SIGCHI EEC
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Jonathan Arnowitz
Human Computer Interaction Designer
Adjunct Chair for Design SIGCHI EEC

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