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***                 CALL FOR PAPERS                  ***
***                                                  ***
***          12th International Symposium            ***
***                       on                         ***
***        Software Reliability Engineering          ***
***                  (ISSRE 2001)                    ***
***            http://www.issre2001.org              ***
***                                                  ***
***           Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, Hong Kong            ***
***                                                  ***

The International Symposium on Software Reliability
Engineering is the leading symposium for dissemination
of state-of-the-art software reliability research and
engineering practice. The 12th edition of ISSRE will be
held in the New World Renaissance Hotel in Hong Kong,
and will have as special theme Software Reliability
Engineering for Internet and E-Commerce.

Hong Kong is a fitting place to focus on software
reliability engineering aspects of the Internet
revolution. The city plays a role of singular importance
as China's chief source for world-class services and
networks. In addition, Hong Kong continues to act as a
gateway to many Asian markets. At ISSRE 2001 we bring
together the major regional and international players,
for a stimulating exchange of ideas and experiences in
creating dependable Internet services.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
 . Network system reliability
 . Internet reliability engineering
 . Quality of network service
 . Mobile access availability
 . Electronic commerce
 . Mobile systems availability
 . Software diversity
 . Practice of reliability modeling
 . Reliability measurement
 . Software testing and verification
 . Software reliability models
 . Fault-tolerant and robust software
 . Software architecture reliability
 . Tools
 . Software safety
 . Reliability engineering education
 . Reliability of distributed systems
 . Technology transfer
 . Reliability in software processes
 . Standards and regulation
 . Dependable e-services
 . Measurements, empirical studies

Special technical sessions, panel discussions
and industry tracks will be committed to all
facets of reliability engineering in the era
of Internet and e-commerce.

Submission information
We solicit regular papers, tutorial proposals,
panel proposals, industry and practical experience
reports, fast abstracts and student papers.
Best ISSRE'2001 papers will be recommended to
IEEE Transactions on Reliabiilty for publication.
Student travel awards are available.
Details can be found on the ISSRE2001 web

site: http://www.issre2001.org.

Important dates
 April  1, 2001  Abstracts due
 May    1, 2001  Full papers and experience reports due
 June   1, 2001  Tutorial proposals, industry abstracts and panel proposals
 August 1, 2001  Acceptance notifications
 Sept.  1, 2001  Student papers and fast abstracts due
 Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, 2001  Conference

IEEE Reliability Society and IEEE Computer Society,
the Committee on Software Reliability Engineering
of Technical Council on Software Engineering

   Michael R. Lyu, Chinese University, Hong Kong
   Joanne Bechta Dugan, University of Virginia, USA
   Aad van Moorsel, HP Labs, USA
   Ed Allen, USA
   Hany Ammar, USA
   Anneliese Andrews, USA
   Keijiro Araki, Japan
   Farokh Bastani, USA
   Fevzi Belli, Germany
   Saida Benlarbi, Canada
   Lionel Briand, Canada
   Tadashi Dohi, Japan
   Khaled El Emam, Canada
   Bill Everett, USA
   Bill Farr, USA
   Sudipto Ghosh, USA
   Swapna Gokhale, USA
   Bob Horgan, USA
   John Hudepohl, USA
   Daniel Jeske, USA
   Wendel Jones, USA
   Karama Kanoun, France
   Lori Kaufman, USA
   George Knafl, USA
   Sy-Yen Kuo, Taiwan
   Jean-Claude Laprie, France
   Yves Le Traon, France
   Yashwant Malaiya, USA
   Jose Carlos Maldonado, Brazil
   Mod Marathe, USA
   Aditya Mathur, USA
   Ken-Ichi Matsumoto, Japan
   Ying-Hua Min, China
   John Musa, USA
   Allen Nikora, USA
   Mitsuru Ohba, Japan
   Alberto Pasquini, Italy
   Noel Samaan, USA
   Norman Schneidewind, USA
   Bob Stoddard, USA
   Lorenzo Strigini, UK
   Kevin Sullivan, USA
   Yoshiro Tohma, Japan
   Kishor Trivedi, USA
   T.H. Tse, Hong Kong
   Claes Wohlin, Sweden
   Min Xie, Singapore
   Shigeru Yamada, Japan
   Peter Santhanam, IBM, USA
   Ram Chillarege, Opus 360, USA
   Timothy Tsai, Avaya, USA
   Bojan Cukic, W. Virginia U, USA
   Carol Smidts, U Maryland, USA
   Taghi Khoshgoftaar, FAU, USA
   Karl Leung, HKU/HKIVE, Hong Kong
   Eric Wong, Telcordia, USA
   K. T. Yung, Productivity Council, Hong Kong
   Linda Rosenberg, NASA, USA
   Mladen Vouk, NCSU, USA
   Jogesh Muppala, UST, Hong Kong
   Jiannong Cao, Poly. U, Hong Kong
   Roy Ko, Prod. Council, Hong Kong
   Hareton Leung, Poly.U, Hong Kong