DCS Corporation has a portable embedded graphics solution, Target Graphics
Toolkit, which was developed entirely in Ada 95 and currently runs on
VxWorks, Linux, Solaris, NT, and LynxOS.  It's basically a portable graphics
library that sits on top of a variety of native graphics systems including
X11, OpenGL, Win32 and DY4's RTGS.  We also have a screen builder that let's
you layout the "widgets" for the GUI and then generate either Ada95 or C++
code that then makes calls into our API.  It has been tested with both GNAT
and Green Hills compilers.  For additional information you can contact Tim
English, 703-683-8430 x485 ([log in to unmask]).

Bill Pritchett
DCS Corporation

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> Subject: Ada95 Graphics
> Dear Teamers,
>   I would be grateful if anyone could point me at some URLs
> which together
> provide a comprehensive and ideally comparative survey of the
> currently
> available Ada95 graphics bindings (e.g GKS type as well as
> the usual GUI
> boxes). I am mainly interested in bindings that work with GNAT on
> Windows/Linux/Solaris, but anything for a diskless target
> (e.g. VX Works
> environment) would also be very interesting.
> The Ada advocacy angle is that I am hoping to convince people
> (including
> myself) that we can do what we need to all in Ada rather than
> Ada calling
> C++ MFC dlls.
>   Regards
>   Justin Jackson
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