> Dear Teamers,
>   I would be grateful if anyone could point me at some URLs which together
> provide a comprehensive and ideally comparative survey of the currently
> available Ada95 graphics bindings (e.g GKS type as well as the usual GUI
> boxes). I am mainly interested in bindings that work with GNAT on
> Windows/Linux/Solaris, but anything for a diskless target (e.g. VX Works
> environment) would also be very interesting. The Ada advocacy angle is
> I am hoping to convince people (including myself) that we can do what we
> need to all in Ada rather than Ada calling C++ MFC dlls.

I don't know about any survey pages (I'm sure other teamers will point those
out), but I could resist making that the point that Claw will do (from pure
Ada) the majority of what you can accomplish with MFC. (See
www.rrsoftware.com). So, if MFC is your baseline, the question is more of
what *more* can be done in Ada than can be accomplished in MFC.

                        Randy Brukardt

Disclaimer: I'm the lead designer of Claw - I might be a bit biased. :-)