"W. Wesley Groleau x4923" wrote:
> The effect of this is to allow the originator of an idea to benefit from
> it.  But note that the PURPOSE is to promote Progress (i.e., the "public
> good" ?)

Actually, "progress" in the 18th century equated "profit" more than "the
public good." See Barry Unsworth's "The Sacred Hunger," an archaic term
for profit-making. With a ripping plot, the novel explains why the
Church and sanctimonious citizens condoned slavery.

Even in contemporary terms, Micrsoft (we're talking about Microsoft,
right?) is well within its Constitutional rights to fight for every
penny of  their profits, until they step over the line and monopolize
the market. And even then, according to the most recent Gover't vs.
Microsoft judge, they are simply being good if overly enthusiastic

I am not a book reviewer and do not play one on the Internet. ;-)

Ann Brandon