I'm happy to announce the release of CALI version 1.1.

CALI is a software library for the development of Calligraphic
Interfaces (intelligent interfaces based on sketch and gesture
interaction) centered mainly on a simple Shape Recognizer.

This recognizer is a fast simple and compact approach to recognize
Scribbles (multi-stroke geometric shapes) drawn with a stylus on a
digitizing tablet. Our method combines temporal adjacency, Fuzzy Logic
and geometric features to classify scribbles.

It recognizes elementary geometric shapes, such as Triangles,
Rectangles, Diamonds, Circles, Ellipses, Lines and Arrows, and six
gesture commands, Delete, Cross, WavyLine, Move, Copy and Tap. Shapes
are recognized independently of changes in rotation, size or number of
individual strokes.

The recognizer has a recognition rate of 97% and fast response
characteristic making it very usable in interactive applications.

The library is written in standard C++.
Currently it compiles under GNU g++ (Linux) and Visual C++ (Windows).

The source code and documentation is released under the terms of the GNU
General Public License. It can be downloaded from URL:


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