We apologize if you receive multiple copies of this: Call for papers IFIP WG 13.2 "Methodologies for user centered systems design" organizes in conjunction with INTERACT 2001 - workshop on "Usability throughout the entire systems development lifecycle" 9 July in Tokyo, Japan UCD 2001 (http://www.hci.uu.se/~jg/UCD2001/) BACKGROUND The un-usability of systems, products and services is a tremendous problem for users and consumers all over the world, despite the efforts put in by researchers, usability practitioners and designers. Therefore, usability still needs to be the main focus of our activities. Research and development must focus more on developing processes, methods and tools that significantly turn IT development in another direction. In practice, usability aspects are usually regarded very late (if at all) in software development. Software development does not stop with delivery, nor do usability issues. Most systems and products are modified and improved in a number of releases over a number of years. Web sites are continuously updated and modified. However, most efforts at working with usability matters stop after the initial development process. What do we do after delivery? Furthermore, commercial software development models, such as Rational Unified Process (RUP), Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) are becoming widely used in industry. Other software development models with different approaches are also starting to attract attention from industry, e.g. eXtreme Programming. These models are basically not user-centered and most of them provide limited support for usability activities. Thus, it is also important to find ways of integrating usability aspects into such development models. WORKSHOP PROCEDURES The workshop aims at specifying the research agenda for developing processes, methods and tools for User Centered Design (UCD) throughout the software lifecycle, particularly within commercial software development models. We also aim to share experiences in applying a UCD perspective on the development of interactive systems. Submissions will relate to the following issues: UCD in a process perspective, including: * Organizing and performing usability related work in practice * UCD in the initial software development phases, e.g., usability and requirement specifications. * UCD and usability work after release * Case studies of organizations addressing usability throughout the software life cycle. Incorporating usability and UCD into commercial software development models, for instance: * Usability in non-user-centered software development models * Usability in use-case driven software development models * UCD and engineering-oriented software development models. Methods, tools, roles, and artifacts for UCD, e.g.: * Cooperative design, evaluation and development * Integrated design * Capturing contextual aspects * Multidisciplinary cooperation in practice, who does what and when? The workshop participants will be required to read all the accepted position papers in advance and participate electronically in the production of a workshop agenda, prior to the workshop. The preliminary agenda for the workshop will include very brief presentations of each participant's position paper, a joint listing of critical issues and breakout sessions to address these issues. Finally an attempt will be made to specify critical aspects of usability in a lifecycle perspective, possibly relating to an existing commercial software development model. PUBLICATION A workshop report will be produced after the workshop and elaborated papers will be published in an edited IFIP publication, "Usability throughout the entire software development lifecycle". SUBMISSIONS Submissions stating the position of the author/authors (4-10 pages in pdf format) should be sent by 20th of April 2001 to [log in to unmask] The submissions will be peer reviewed and the authors will be notified about acceptance/rejection by 31st of May 2001. ORGANISER'S BACKGROUND Jan Gulliksen is an associate professor of Human Computer Interaction at the department of Human Computer Interaction, Uppsala University, and guest researcher at the Centre for user oriented IT design (CID) at the Royal institute of technology (KTH), Sweden. Jan is chairman of IFIP working group 13.2 Methodologies for user centered system design. Inger Boivie is a research student at the department of Human Computer Interaction, Uppsala University. She has previously worked as an HCI consultant at TietoEnator AB, Sweden. Jan and Inger have previously organized two international workshops (at PDC '98 and INTERACT '99) and five national workshops on User Centered Design in practice. ======================================================================== Jan Gulliksen, associate professor mailto:[log in to unmask] Dept. for Human Computer Interaction Tel: +46-18.471 2849 Uppsala University, Fax: +46-18.471 7811 Box 337 Cellular: 070 - 425 0086 SE-751 05 Uppsala, Sweden http://www.hci.uu.se Center for User-Oriented IT-Design (CID) Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden http://cid.nada.kth.se ========================================================================