Help make CHI-History!  Group Annotation of
   SIGCHI Conference Photo Library
   Visit the PhotoFinder Kiosks near the Internet Email area
   Attend the Reception on Wednesday morning 10:30 - 11:30am

   Prepared by the Univ. of Maryland, Human-Computer Interaction Lab
Ben Shneiderman's 3000+ photos from 70 CHI-related conferences over 
the past 20 years have been scanned and organized for your exploration 
and enjoyment. Please help us identify people and share your stories 
by annotating these photos using the kiosk version of PhotoFinder, a 
research tool for managing collections of photographs 
( Our goal is to make these photos and 
annotations available on an ACM SIGCHI website by late 2001.

What You Can Do
    Browse photos of SIGCHI leaders
    Find friends, yourself and others in the photos
    Add names by drag-and-drop annotation to identify people
    Add captions to photos with stories, anecdotes, etc.
    Contribute pictures of CHI 2001 
         (we'll even supply the camera)