Jane and others interested in exhibiting at SIGAda 2001:

> To whom it may concern,
> Green Hills Software, Inc. exhibited last year at SIGAda 2000, and would
> like to exhibit at the conference this September.
> Is there still exhibit space available? If so, please forward me the
> appropriate paperwork.

SIGAda 2001 will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 30 September - 4 October
2001. Exhibition dates are planned for that Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hal Hart is the Exhibits Chair and can be reached at <[log in to unmask]>.
Hal is at the Software Technology Conference (STC 2001) this week, so this
could be a good opportunity for those attending STC 2001 to talk to him in
person about exhibiting at SIGAda 2001. You may find him via the ACM SIGAda
Booth, Booth #813.

Hal may have limited email access at STC. I am sure he will contact you
immediately on his return. Additional information on SIGAda 2001 will be
available at the Conference Home Page when it becomes available =>


Currie Colket
SIGAda Vice Chair for Meetings and Conferences