* Symposium on Reliable Object-Oriented Programming (SROOP) *
Wednesday 24th October 2001
The Institution of Electrical Engineers, Savoy Place, London WC2
Question: What has object-oriented design and programming to offer the
implementation of reliable systems? Answer: A lot!
OO has become a key feature of system design and implementation.
Reliable systems are increasingly using OO techniques, often replacing
traditional structured approaches. Programming languages like Ada 95,
Java and C++ each offer subtly different ways of representing objects,
their attributes and their methods. How can those features be used
reliably? Are there features that are unsafe or inappropriate? What
architectures can be employed to make implementation easier or more
verifiable? Where do patterns and frameworks fit in?
This Symposium will address many of these issues and others. The
audience will consist of programmers, system designers, tool vendors,
managers responsible for tools and languages, and those involved in
the assurance of quality in reliable systems. There will be a healthy
mix of principles and practice.
We invite contributions on any of the following themes:
object-oriented design and programming
system reliability
system architectures
patterns and frameworks
design languages and notations supporting reliable design
The organisers are particularly interested in reports of experience
gained in *applying* the above, in areas such as (but not limited to)
user interfaces and Internet programming.
Call for Papers: Authors are invited to submit abstracts (recommended
length no more than one side of A4) addressing the above themes. The
abstracts, which will be refereed, should be submitted by email to Rod
Chapman at [log in to unmask]. Acceptable formats are Microsoft Word,
HTML or plain ASCII. The deadline for submissions is Monday 18th June.
Authors will be notified approximately four weeks later. Accepted
abstracts will be distributed to delegates at the symposium. Full
papers will be published after the Symposium in the Ada User Journal.
Further Information: contact the SROOP Administrator at PO Box 322,
York, YO10 3GY. Telephone +44 (0)1904 412740. Fax +44 (0)1904 426702.
E-mail: [log in to unmask]. Website: http://www.adauk.org.uk/.
Organising Committee: Jim Briggs, University of Portsmouth (Chairman);
Rod Chapman, Praxis Critical Systems; Bill Taylor, Rational Software
Ltd; Brian Tooby, BAE SYSTEMS Avionics Ltd; Helen Byard, Symposium
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor Associates
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