Hi Randy,

I didn't _forget_ 9.5.1(18), I just couldn't remember which paragraph said
that I/O subprograms are potentially and couldn't find the paragraph in my
quick review (;->).  But, that answers my question, thanks!

Take Care,

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> Hi All,
> Can someone confirm that it is still implementation defined whether I/O
> operations (Put, Get, 'Write, 'Read) are atomic, blocking, or subject to
> Priority_Ceiling.  In quick review of the manual & rational, I found the
> following:


You forgot 9.5.1(18): IO subprograms are "potentially blocking". (And thus
cannot be called from a protected object.) Thus, the question about
Priority_Ceiling is moot.

Of course, that doesn't say whether they REALLY are blocking.

                Randy Brukardt.