Dear colleague,

This is from secretariat of INTERACT2001.
I am pleased to inform you about the workshop of the conference.

Call for Participation

In the last few years, many software development teams have tried to
integrate $B!! (Buser-centered design techniques into their software
engineering lifecycle - in particular in the use case driven
software engineering approach. However, because of misunderstandings,
these teams often run into problems. One problem derives from the fact
if a software team member has experience in user-centered design, he
or she may see similarities between the two approaches ? for example
use cases and task analysis  - and try to substitute one for the other.
The workshop will unite researchers and practitioners involved in
software engineering with those interested in usability engineering.
It aims to be a forum for sharing ideas about potential and innovative
ways to cross-pollinate the two disciplines, successful and unsuccessful
experiences related to integrating usability into the software engineering
lifecycle and small and medium-sized organizations, and a future research
agenda for bridging the current gap between the software and usability

Guest Speaker

Dr. Tomoo Matsubara is an senior software engineering
expert working with software companies, as well as with software
organizations in equipment manufacturing companies.
Currently, he is a Senior Consultant for Cutter Consortium and Associate
Editor-in-Chief ofIEEE Software.

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