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The organizing committee would like to invite you all to participate in HYPERTEXT 2001. HYPERTEXT 2001 offers a very exciting program with many different categories of presentations, among which we would like to draw your attention to the following highlights:

The Hypertext 2001 conference will feature two thought provoking keynote addresses:

"Information Architecture: a New Discipline for Organizing Hypertext"
by Paul Kahn, known for his work in Hypertext as the Director of Brown University's Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship (IRIS), and as a President of DynamicDiagrams. Now he is an independent teacher, writer, and information architecture consultant in Paris.

"Mostly Linkless"
by Wendy Hall, well known open hypermedia researcher and head of the IAM Research Group at Southampton University, U.K.

Technical briefings are in depth presentations of a specific technology, approach, theory, standard, or the like. This year presents:

by E. James Whitehead, Jr., University of California, Santa Cruz, US.

"Deeper Cosmology, Deeper Documents"
by Theodor Holm Nelson, Keio University, Japan, and Southampton University, UK.

Panels present contrasting positions from a number of experts on certain subject matter and then open up for debate with the broader audience. This year we present the following panel:
"The Semantic Web:who needs it?" Moderator: Wendy Hall,Professor of Computer Science,University of Southampton

HT'2001 tutorials are intended to appeal to the interests of conference attendees across a broad range of topics - providing opportunities to develop knowledge and practical in emerging areas. The tutorials are presented by experts in the their respective fields. This year we have the following tutorials:
T1: WebDAV and DeltaV
T2: SMIL 2.0
T3: Metadata management through open hypermedia
T4: Evaluating, Using, and Publishing eBooks
T5: Introduction to XML
T6: Introduction to XLink

HT 2001 workshops provide specialized forums for highly interactive discussion on focused topics. This year we have the following workshops:
W1: 7th International Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems (OHS7)
W2: 3rd Workshop on Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia
W3: 3rd International Workshop on Structural Computing (SC3)
W4: Zigzag: Introduction and State of the Art
W5: Morphing Media - What's the Message? - 5th Hypertext Writers' Workshop
W6: Spatial Hypertext
W7: Learning from Hypertext

Several workshops may still be open for submission of position papers, see http://www.ht01.org/.

Hypertext 2001 and presents two catergories of research papers: long papers (30 min. presentation), and short papers (15 min. presentation). The following presentations have been accepted:

* Jim Rosenberg: "And And: Conjunctive Hypertext and the Structure Acteme Juncture"
* Emilia Mendes, Steve Counsell, Nile Mosley: "Towards the Prediction of Development Effort for Hypermedia Applications"
* Adrian Miles: "Hypertext Structure as the Event of Connection"
* Rune Dalgaard: "Hypertext and the Scholarly Archive - Intertexts, Paratexts and Metatexts at Work"
* Mark Bernstein: "Card Shark and Thespis: exotic tools for hypertext narrative"
* Jessica Rubart, Jörg M. Haake, Daniel A. Tietze, Weigang Wang: "Organizing shared enterprise workspaces using component-based cooperative hypermedia"
* Uffe Kock Wiil, David L. Hicks, Peter J. Nürnberg: "Multiple Open Services: A New Approach to Service Provision in Open Hypermedia Systems"
* E. James Whitehead, Jr.: "Design Spaces for Link and Structure Versioning"
* Anders Fagerjord: "Linearity and Multicursality in World Wide Web media"
* Clara Mancini, Simon Buckingham Shum: "Cognitive Coherence Relations and Hypertext: From Cinematic Patterns to Scholarly Discourse"
* Harald Weinreich, Hartmut Obendorf, Winfried Lamersdorf: "The Look of the Link - Concepts for the User Interface of Extended Hyperlinks"
* Hongjing Wu, Erik de Kort, Paul De Bra: "Design Issues for General-Purpose Adaptive Hypermedia Systems"
* Masashi Toyoda, Masaru Kitsuregawa: "Creating a Web Community Chart for Navigating Related Communities"
* Kevin R. Page, Don Cruickshank, David De Roure: "Its About Time: Link Streams as Continuous Metadata"
* Mark J. Weal, Gareth V. Hughes, David E. Millard, Luc Moreau: "Open Hypermedia as a Navigational Interface to Ontological Information Spaces"
* Luis Francisco-Revilla, Frank M. Shipman III, Unmil Karadkar, Richard Furuta, Avital Arora: "Perception of Content, Structure, and Presentation Changes in Web-based Hypertext"
* Samhaa R. El-Beltagy, Wendy Hall, David De Roure, Leslie Carr: "Linking in Context"
* Frank M. Shipman III, Haowei Hsieh, Preetam Maloor, J. Michael Moore: "The Visual Knowledge Builder: A Second Generation Spatial Hypertext"
* Polle T. Zellweger, Niels Olof Bouvin, Henning Jehøj, Jock D. Mackinlay: "Fluid Annotations in an Open World"
* Francisco J. Ricardo: "Hypertext and Knowledge Management"


* Adam Moore, Timothy J. Brailsford, Craig D. Stewart: "Personally tailored teaching in WHURLE using conditional transclusion"
* Tazi Saïd, Fabrice Evrard: "Intentional Structures of Documents"
* Jeff Conklin, Albert Selvin, Simon Buckingham Shum, Maarten Sierhuis: "Facilitated Hypertext for Collective Sensemaking: 15 Years on from gIBIS"
* Simon Harper, Carole Goble, Robert Stevens: "Prototype Mobility Tools for Visually Impaired Surfers"
* Jianhan Zhu, Jun Hong, John G. Hughes: "PageRate: Counting Web Users' Votes"
* Inna Kouper: "Out of Nothing: In-depth Hyperfiction Study"
* Crowder, Sim, Wills, Greenough: "A review of the benefits of using hypermedia manuals"
* Erich Gams, Siegfried Reich: "Trailist - Focusing on document activity for assisting navigation"
* Saturnino Luz: "Y-notes: Unobtrusive devices for hypermedia annotation"
* Mark J. Weal, David E. Millard, Danius T. Michaelides, David C. De Roure: "Building Narrative Structures Using Context Based Linking"
* Lennart Björneborn: "Small-World Linkage and Co-Linkage"
* Hyunju Ryu: "Is EOS the Dawn of Hypertext Literature in Korea?"
* Licia Calvi: "Hypertext and Comics: Towards an Aesthetics of Hypertext"
* Baoyao Zhou, Jinlin Chen, Jin Shi, Hongjiang Zhang, Qiufeng Wu: "Website Link Structure Evaluation and Improvement Based on User Visiting Patterns"
* Thierry Despeyroux, Brigitte Trousse: "Web sites and Semantics"
* Kimmo Wideroos: "Awt (Associative writing tool): Supporting writing process with a ZigZag based writing tool -- work in progress"
* Joachim Feise: "An Approach to Persistence of Web Resources"
* Mark K. Thompson, David C. De Roure: "Hypermedia by coincidence"
* Rosemary Michelle Simpson: "Experiences with Web Squirrel: My Life on the Information Farm"
* Timothy Miles-Board, Simon Kampa, Leslie Carr, Wendy Hall: "Hypertext in the Semantic Web"
* William Cole: "Choice vs. Interaction: The Case of Online Caroline"
* Owen Conlan, Cord Hockemeyer, Paul Lefrere, Vincent Wade, Dietrich & Albert: "Extending Educational Metadata Schemas to describe Adaptive Learning Resources"
* Chris Coulston, Theresa M. Vitolo: "A Hypertext Metric Based on Huffman Coding"
* m.c. schraefel, Yuxiang Zhu: "Interaction Design for Web-Based, Within-Page Collection Making"
* Fernando Aguiar, Michel Beigbeder: "Improvement of Web Retrieval by the Use of Contextual Information of Pages"

In addition to the above categories Hypertext 2001 also provides: Posters, Demonstrations, Exhibits, Hypertext Reading Room, Hypertext Readings, and Doctoral Consortium, for more information see  http://www.ht01.org/.

Hypertext 2001 is being held in the new Lake Lecture Theatre at the beautiful campus of University of Aarhus, Århus, Denmark. The city of Århus is called the smallest big city in the world; it is a popular and cosy city with everything you need in walking distance from the University and the downtown hotels where you can stay for the conference. See http://www.aarhus.dk/ for more information on the city

For registration details, please go to the Web site http://www.ht01.org/.

General Chair: Kaj Grønbæk, Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark. Email: [log in to unmask]
Conference secretary: Marianne Dammand Iversen, Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus, Åbogade 34, DK-8200 Århus N, Denmark. Phone: +45 8942 5628, Fax: +45 8942 5624, Email: [log in to unmask]
July 1st, 2001          Deadline for the low early bird registration rate
August 14-15, 2001     Hypertext 2001 - Tutorials and Workshops
August 16-18, 2001      Hypertext 2001 - Main Conference