The CHI 2002 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems has for
the first time an interactive online forum.

The site (CHIplace) is intended to let people interested or working in
CHI to influence, to comment on proposals for, and to preview offerings
for the venues occurring at CHI 2002 (e.g., tutorial topics).  You can
check out the goals page for more detail:

We are planning to provide a new section on CHIplace called HCI
organizational overviews that introduces HCI activities occurring in our
participant's organizations, e.g., industrial research labs, research
group at universities, or special interest groups.  It is similar to the
Organizational Overview presentations at past CHI conferences.

Does your organization have HCI-related activities (e.g., research,
design, or development)?  If so, we invite you to write an organization
overview highlighting these activities.  Please see this page for more

Alison Lee and Andreas Girgensohn
CHI 2002 Online Interactions Co-Chairs
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