I would like to bring to the attention of Ada fans that, for the 4th
consecutive year, SIGAda will be taking its "Ada Awareness" booth to the
Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems conference (TOOLS
USA 2001) in Santa Barbara, CA.  The TOOLS exhibition is Tuesday -
Thursday, July 31 - August 2, while the complete technical program runs
as a mix of tutorials, presentations, and workshops from Sunday - Friday
(July 29 - August 3).  Although TOOLS's roots are with the Eiffel
programming language, TOOLS has for many years been inclusive of all OO
languages, and many are represented there.  SIGAda has been glad to
increase Ada's visibility at TOOLS, which we have found very Ada
friendly.  Additionally, Ada/SIGAda stalwarts Richard Riehle (Tutorials
Chair) and Ben Brosgol (giving a tutorial) are involved in the TOOLS
program.  In recent years Richard has also moderated a closing panel
titled "The Great Language Debate" where Ada has more than held its own,
usually represented by Ben.  TOOLS USA 2001 is an event people doing OO
with Ada should consider attending; check out the conference website at
http://www.tools-conferences.com/usa/ (the "Register" button is on the

(For non-North Americans: check out http://www.tools-conferences.com for
links to TOOLS Eastern Europe in Bulgaria in late September, and TOOLS
Pacific 2001 in Australia in early December.)

We have an opening for a SIGAda or Team Ada member who is willing to
travel to Santa Barbara that week to serve as our principal booth
staffer.  Although SIGAda can not cover your travel expenses, there is
one free TOOLS USA 2001 registration for each exhibitor, which you will
receive.  The registration includes access to all conference sessions; a
copy of the tutorial notes for each tutorial attended; a copy of the
conference proceedings; refreshments during morning and afternoon
breaks; daily lunches; beach barbecue dinner and conference dinner.
Although Ben and particularly Richard have other obligations throughout
the week, they will be willing to spell you in the booth a fair amount
of the time.

Reply directly to me at <[log in to unmask]> if you are available and
willing to man SIGAda's booth at TOOLS USA 2001 in four weeks.

     -Hal Hart, SIGAda "Ada Awareness" booth manager

PS1: TOOLS USA 2001 is part of the California Technology Forum, the
first major technology event ever on the California South Coast.
Registered TOOLS attendees have access to all sessions of the other five
CTF conferences:  Internet & Security, Business & Technology, .NET and
Windows, Voice & Wireless.

PS2:  Additionally, you may find it interesting to check out the website
of TOOLS sponsor Interactive Software Engineering, inventors of Design
by Contract and the Eiffel method and language.  This website, at
http://eiffel.com/, bills itself as "one of the richest software
technology resources on the Internet:  more than 1200 Web pages of solid
technical information on how to boost quality and productivity."   I've
checked it out, and indeed they have lots of great, free technical info