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Pradeep Henry describes the history of CHI South India (including the
conference it sponsored -- Easy2001, India's first conference on
software usability), and Richard Anderson provides a overview of CHI
Local SIG activities at CHI 2001, in the July-August 2001 issue of
SIGCHI Bulletin.

Anne Kimberly Gay & Olivier St-Cyr (WatCHI), David Ribeiro Lamas
(Universidade Fernando Pessoa SIGCHI), Sheryl Miller (GMU SIGCHI),
Carolyn Gale (BayCHI's Student BOF), and Christian Hagel-Sorensen &
Jakob Bruhns ('s student chapter) all contributed to an
article on "CHI Student Chapters & Chapter Subgroups" to appear in the
September-October 2001 issue of SIGCHI Bulletin.

Here is a sampling of more of what is happening in the world of CHI
Local SIGs:


  Chartered chapter in this geography: CHI-SA.

Americas (outside the U.S.)

  Chartered chapters in this geography: Brazil CHI, CapCHI, ToRCHI,

  VanCHI, WatCHI (student), and CHI-Mexico.  Prospective chapter:

  SIGCHI Chile.

  At CapCHI's June meeting, Ash Randev presented a talk on Digital
Media in

  Architecture-Engineering-Construction.  Additionally, Amit Tungare

  presented a talk about his thesis at Carleton University about an
approach to

  understanding the concept of 'Virtual City.'

  VanCHI hosted a meeting on June 28 featuring a Ron Baecker talk on

  "Frontiers of User Support - Bridging the Gap Between What Users

  and What They Need to Know."

Asia / Pacific

  Chartered chapters in this geography: CHI South India and SIGCHI_NZ.

  Prospective chapters: SIGCHI Korea and CHI Bombay.

  SIGCHI_NZ is presenting "Symposium on Computer Human Interaction"

  6 July 2001 (with "Wairarapa Wine Trail" on 7 July 2001),

  Palmerston North, New Zealand.  Submissions are received not only

  from New Zealand but also from Australia and Europe. The proceedings

  (ISBN 0-473-07559-8) will be published and distributed during the



  Chartered chapters in this geography: SIGCHI Austria, BelCHI,


  SIGCHI.NL, Universidade Fernando Pessoa SIGCHI (student), SIGCHI

  Romania, CHISPA, and SwissCHI.  Prospective chapters: SIGCHI.DK,

  German SIGCHI, SIGCHI Norway, Poland SIGCHI, Russia SIGCHI, STIMDI,

  and West Sweden CHI. 3, juli, 2001: Formålet med denne faggruppe er at udbygge

  personlige netværk blandt danske psykologer der arbejder med

  MMI/Human Factors og som er medlemmer af

  SIGCHI Romania (Ro CHI) was chartered June 7.

  SwissC<fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>HI: die Firma soultank
usability & ergonomics feiert am

  Donnerstag, den 28. Juni 2001, das einjährige Firmenjubiläum.  Auf

  dem Progamm steht der Besuch des Usability-Lab, Vorträge nach

  Ankündigung und der Geburtstagkuchen!

Middle East

  Prospective chapter in this geography: IsraCHI.

United States

  Chartered chapters in this geography: BayCHI, LA-SIGCHI, SanD CHI,

  DC-CHI, CHI-Atlanta, CHI-Squared, LowellCHI (student), GB/SIGCHI,

  MOCHI, </fontfamily>TwinCHI, KC-CHI, GatewayCHI, NYC-CHI, TriCHI,


  (student), Puget Sound SIGCHI, and Milwau-CHI.   Prospective

  Rocky Mountain CHI, ConnCHI, and ISU SIGCHI.  Point of contact:

  BayCHI's program July 10 starts with Richard Anderson interviewing

  Bill Moggridge about interaction design, then continues with a

  by Jane Fulton Suri on "Understanding the Universal through

  The evening program is preceded by the BayCHI dinner.  BayCHI Mobile

  Applications meets July 12: "Designing Mobile Applications:

  Methodologies, and Lessons Learned," Roman Longoria.  BayCHI

  Engineering meets July 17: "Wants & Needs Analysis," Kathy Baxter,

  Catherine Courage, & Christopher Marino.  BayCHI North meets July 24:

  "Interdisciplinary Interaction (Design)," Kate Welker, Elaine Ann,

  Homier, & Stephanie Horwitz.

  Rocky Mountain CHI met June 28 for a casual time of sharing what's

  happening in the lives of the attendees.

  DC_CHI met June 21.  Bill Killam presented, "Beyond the Ordinary:

  Tips and Jigs for Doing Usability Testing."

  GB/SIGCHI's next meeting will be the evening of July 10.  Program:

  "Collaboration on e-business project teams: what works?" by Suzanne

  Paquin, GamePlans.  Also this month, GB/SIGCHI unveiled a new format

  for its monthly newsletter.

  BuckCHI will next meet the evening of July 10.  Program: "User-

  centered design of a Microsoft Office Plug-in: A case study";

  Mike Nelson.  Also, nominations are presently being accepted for

  BuckCHI officers.

  CHIFOO's June meeting featured a Ward Cunningham presentation on

  "Design Principles for Wiki Style Online Communities."

  CHI-Austin met in June for a presentation by Kevin McDonald on

  "Privacy in the Midst of Pervasive Technology."

  Puget Sound SIGCHI's June program: "Designing Office XP," Brad

  Weed & Christopher Konrad.

You don't know where CHIFOO, GB/SIGCHI, ToRCHI, CapCHI, IsraCHI,

LowellCHI, BelCHI, or ... are?  Take a look at the SIGCHI Local SIGs

webpage ( to find out and to

access more information about CHI Local SIGs.

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