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*                                Euro Web 2001
*                    Web and Public Administration
*                Italy,Venice, 18-20 December 2001
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EuroWeb 2001 Conference
"The Web in Public Administration"
18-20 December 2001
Venice, Italy

The Conference will provide an ideal opportunity for attendees to learn
about new and innovative ideas, work in progress and past experiences,
and to preview on-going research projects and applications.


The following is a partial list of topics of interest, as applied to
Public Administration:
Architecture issues
Electronic commerce
Hypertext and hypermedia
Languages and standards
Metadata on the Web
Privacy and preferences
Querying and indexing
Semantic Web
Web accessibility
Web characterisation

Full or short papers (equivalent to approximately 15 or 8 double spaced,
Times 12, pages) can be submitted with the following procedure.


- Abstracts: online submission, follow the instructions from the conference
website: http://euroweb.w3c.it/

- Full/short papers accepted formats: HTML, PDF, PS, RTF, DOC

- Full/short papers submission:
  - e.mail: send to  [log in to unmask]  (unless otherwise specified,
the sender's address will be taken as main correspondence address).
Submitters will be acknowledged.
   - Direct online submission: supported for documents in PDF, PS, RTF or DOC
format. Please follow carefully the online instructions, and keep note of
the UserId, Password and DocumentId.


Full/short paper abstracts submission: 31 July 2001
Full/short paper submission: 24 August 2001
Notification to authors: 21 September 2001
Papers due: 15 October 2001
Conference: 18-20 December 2001


Conference Home Page --- http://euroweb.w3c.it/
Further Information --- [log in to unmask]
Paper Submission --- [log in to unmask]

Organized by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Supported by W3C Office in Italy

Endorsed by IW3C2

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School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

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