Hi all,
        I have written a piece of code, in which I am using an enumeartion
type. I am assigning some values to the enumeration items by using for
statement. I want to refer the assigned vales using the enumeration items.
That is as shown in the code I wanna refer the values 16#10# using the enum
item "one", 16#20# using "two" etc. Is there any ways to do this? My aim is
to assign some values to the enumeration type and use those values in the
place of the enum items just like in C.

Ada code:

with Ada.Text_Io;
use Ada.Text_Io;
with Ada.Integer_Text_IO;
use Ada.Integer_Text_IO;

procedure Test is
   type Enum is
   for Enum use
      One   => 16#10#,
      Two   => 16#20#,
      Three => 16#30#);
   Put( Enum'Pos (Three));
   Put_Line (Enum'Image (Three));
end Test;

in C:
enum {
one = Ox10,
two =Ox20,
three =0x30
} ;

later I can use "one" to refer its value and son on.

Could any body clarify me, if there is any way to do this.

Thanx in advance.