Terry Westley writes:
 > On Monday, August 27, 2001 9:48 PM, Tony Lowe wrote:
 > >    * Perhaps Ada is not shrinking, but the rest of the software industry is
 > > growing so fast it is tough to see it as the same.  I would hope you can
 > > build 100 web sites in the same time it takes to build a single airplane.
 > > In reality, Ada has not made nearly the effort to be a super-web language
 > > as Java has, and an enormous percentage of software work is either building
 > > web stuff, or making existing stuff web enabled.   CGI is fine, but does
 > > not have nearly the comfy standardized framework as Servlets, JSPs, and
 > > EJBs provide.
 > There's more to Ada's web life than CGI.  With JGNAT, you can use Servlets,
 > JSP, and Java Beans to create dynamic data-rich web sites.  I've used the
 > Tomcat <http://jakarta.apache.org> JSP server for this and have also begun
 > using some of the other Jakarta products such as Velocity.

And there is more than the technologies based on the JVM. There is a complete
framework named AWS to develop Web applications. Used with the template
engine named Templates_Parser make it a viable choice for Web
development. AWS has already been used in some nice Web applications.



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