> My topic here is, however, to know what Ada programmers and language
> lawyers would think "For-Loop Iteration for Real Type" for AdaXX.
This is typically something I would qualify as "nice-to-have", which in Ada-Land means: "leave it out".
There were a whole lot of "nice-to-have" features proposed for Ada95; however, if you consider that even the simplest feature takes
at least -say- one week to implement, test, document etc, adding these features would have delayed the appearance of compilers by
several years.

For this reason, the decision was taken that a feature would be added if and only if there was a serious demand for it, it solved
and actual (not theoretical) problem, and there was no easy way to solve the problem with previous tools. I think it was a good
decision, and still is. As pretty as you proposal may seem, I think it does not pass through this filter.
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