> How to use gnatprep preprocessor to conditionally
> compile some part of the code in GNAT ada 95.

Why do you use `gnatprep` for this? I prefer to select the
relevant platform dependent files by "including" the
directory they are located in with the ADA_INCLUDE_PATH and
ADA_OBJECTS_PATH environment variables.

> I have tried with it, but i am not able to get rid of
> statements containing "#if" and "#end if" after
> preprocessing.

Are you sure you are looking in the right files? Hopefully,
`gnatprep` doesn't change the original files with
preprocessor directives in them, but creates new files based
on the original files and the defined symbols.

> Or is there any method to make same GNAT ada 95 code to
> run on many platforms

Generally your code should be platform independent. If you
separate the platform dependent parts in a few select
package bodies and keep them in directories named after the
platforms, you can select the platform simply by setting the
environment variables "ADA_INCLUDE_PATH" and
"ADA_OBJECTS_PATH" to point to the platform you are
targeting at the moment.

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