prabhath rao <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> Hello,
> How to use gnatprep preprocessor to conditionally compile some part of the
> code in GNAT ada 95. I have tried with it, but i am not able to get rid of
> statements containing "#if" and  "#end if" after preprocessing. But compiler
> does not recognize #if and #end if and gives error messages.

If you post your actual code, and the commands you use to run it, I
can probably help. I use gnatprep regularly; it works as described in
the user's guide

> Or is there any method to make same GNAT ada 95 code to run on many
> platforms

This issue has been discussed many times on comp.lang.ada. In some
situations, a preprocessor is the best way to go. In others, differing
package bodies and/or subunits is better.

-- Stephe