Toshitaka KUMANO <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> "Marc A. Criley" wrote:
> > use [log in to unmask]
> Oh, thank you for the information.
> I hesitated over what community I should post to.
> I know about [log in to unmask], but after it closed
> I missed.
> So I posted Team-Ada.

I think posting to Team-Ada first is a good idea.

> Is [log in to unmask] very active mailing-list ?

No, but it is read by the official Ada maintainers, sometimes on a
volunteer basis. I would prefer to preview proposals here or on
comp.lang.ada, and only spend their time on really useful, well worked
out proposals. I would not want to see the official Ada maintainers
quitting because they have too much email to read!

-- Stephe