[Rick et al]
> As far as the generator goes, pseudorandom generators produce lists of
> randomly distributed elements - the same list for each seed number.  This is
> no use for word games because you get the same playing lists each time you
> start the game - boring!  This project reseeds the character generator each
> time it is called.  Its seeds are produced in the task and continuously
> updated in the background.  Human interaction in the form of the time
> between calls guarantees the randomicity of the selection provided.
I'm still missing something here. It's true that you'll get the same
list each time you use the same seed. But if you just call Reset on
your generator variable, whenever you want to start the game,
you won't get the same lists, because Reset reseeds the generator
from the realtime clock, so the likelihood of getting the same seed
value is pretty small. Can you explain why calling Reset won't work
in your case?

Mike Feldman