> Interesting theory, but nobody is really exploiting language flaws to
>       into security systems.  If Ada has built in security measures that
>       C++ doesn't (and Java does) then that is useful to sell, but
>       is much more than preventing overflow on an array

Seems to me that many of the malicious hacks and viruses
(but certainly far from all) DID depend on flaws in C,
especially lack of bounds checking.  I have heard plenty
about flaws in Java and/or JVM security, but I have never
heard of an actual break-in using such a flaw.

The original post hinted at cyber-terrorism. Perpetrators
of such an act are concerned with causing damage, not with
getting anything out of it.  Therefore, they do not have
to be concerned with "doing things neatly."

Wes Groleau