I have been following this thread with interest.

I believe David's original point that many of the "arguments" for using VB,
Delphi, etc., and thus for NOT using Ada, are completely
invalidated.  (Actually, I think they have been for a long time, but the
work David and others have done recently makes this so clear even a C
programmer will probably understand.  :)

There is one key ingredient remaining, however, to get people to use these
wonderful tools (and Ada) -  getting the word out.  Remember, best kept
secrets . . .

More importantly, the BEST way to "get the word out" is to put together
good training courses and get them presented in a forum where practicing
and would be "programmers" can readily take advantage of them.  I don't
have any figures, but I suspect that a fairly high percentage of these
practicing "programmers" would never have "cut a line of code", if they
hadn't been able to attend a training session that showed them how easy it
is to do so much by imitating some good examples.

Just my 2 cents worth.

S. Ron Oliver, semi-retired professor of Computer Science and Computer
Engineering.  www.csc.calpoly.edu/~sroliver

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