The question is, now that it is possible to create powerful Win32 GUI
applications and Database Front Ends in Ada 95 using GWindows will those Ada
95 people who defected to the Dark Side for the empty promises of VB return
to see the light......

GWindows the Open Source Win32 RAD Ada 95 GUI Development Framework now has
a precompiled version available to ease installation. Information is
available at

Be sure to check out the GWindows tutorials to Jump Start you in to GUI and
Database front end programming on Windows with Ada 95.

GWindows - The Power of Ada 95, VB and Delphi combined.

At least one GUI builder is already in development and others are being
discussed. It is my intention to pound on VB and Delphi lists once at least
one of them is available as the Open Source Alternative to VB and Delphi...
I hope everyone is ready ;-)

David Botton