Just a quick question about Ada95.  Is there such a thing as a Collection
Object, or an equivalent data structure that would allow me to do the
following, for example.  Either included in Ada, or coded and available somewhere as a

Create the collection

TYPE Integer_List IS COLLECTION OF Integer (or something similar).

This_List : Integer_List;

ThisList.Add 12
ThisList.Add 24

ThisList.Delete 2  -- DELETE second element added to the collection.

and other features to allow to manipulate this list of whichever type I
choose.  In this example it's a list of integers.  But it could be a list of
records, a list of packages (if possible), a list of pretty much anything
available to the Ada95 Language.

Thank you all and I'm awaiting your precious comments and suggestions on


Stephane Richard
Software Developer

Stephane Richard
Software Developer
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