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> There are such "simple user-friendly" packages available for Ada too. Implementation of a simple stack, list etc is as trivial as "Hello World", any basic textbook will contain one. But there are many others, some of which are for polymorphic types, others with controlled space allocation, automatic space reclamation, reference counting etc. For a simple Generic way of doing things, try the GWU Generic_List by Feldman http://www.cs.uofs.edu/~beidler/cmps144/feldman/listgene.html
> Ehud Lamm's http://www.adapower.com/alg/poly_list.zip gives the whole code, specs and bodies for one such which might be of use to you if you don't want to use generics for some reason.
> Of course there's also the famous Booch Components available at http://www.adapower.com/booch/ which has amongst other things:
> 10 minutes searching should find you a plethora of others. I think one of these should do

And let me just add Corey Minyard's "Ada Structured Library"
(http://adasl.sourceforge.net).  Complete and well-documented, besides my
own stuff it's been used on at least one Air Force system that I worked on
at LockMart.

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