I am not that familiar with the Linux Delphi, but I am sure that there are
directions for interfacing to C included with Delphi for Linux. Just export
those subprograms you wish to call in Ada 95 as C to Delphi and call that
way (don't forget to call adainit).

You may want to look seriously at GtkAda (for GUI including builder) and
GNADE (for Database) as it may fulfill all your needs with out having to
turn to Delphi.

David Botton

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> Is there some way to blend software components compiled
> with Delphi (Borland Visual Component Library: VCL,
> architecture called CLX) with software compiled with ADA95
> in Linux.
> If so, what code should be written in ADA to make this possible?
> Thank's for the help.