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> If you want to make a windows application, then there are some great

He was asking about Linux.

> handling.  Stephen Leake's Windex library for Ada95 is the best most well

It is certainly nice. BTW, have you looked at GWindows ;-)

> doing.  but again if you need database access to SQL server, here too you
> find Ada95 bindings to databases.  www.adapower.com look it up there and
> you'll be surprised what you can find.

GWindows lets you bind fields from SQL queries directly to GUI elements just
like Delphi and VB

> Remember that Ada95 is a superset of Pascal (hence Delphi as well) and it
> also gives you the freedom to use whichever bindings you may choose to,
> Delphi which gives you the V.C.L. and that's it which means you're stuck
> using OWL.  Owl isn't bad, but it's not the best available out there. With
> you have the choice.

Sorry, OWL isn't even available for Delphi :-) That was there competition to
MFC for C++.

Delphi uses either VCL (the original Delphi library) or CLX (the new cross
platform library).

David Botton