> Back to the subject, my vote is to block HTML, PDF, and
> all attachments.

I tend to agree, particularly on this list.

> I also vote to fix the thing that at least twice a year gratuitously
> turns back ON the "send acknowledgement" option.

If fixing this list is too hard, I volunteer to host it on adaic.com (the
same mail server that hosts Ada-Comment). I moderate Ada-Comment lightly,
which keeps the spam out (I see it, but no one else does), and most of the
virii get caught by the scanner on the mail server. (I find that a
significant percentage of the spam I get comes from acm.org, via team-ada
and via the old ada-comment alias. If it was up to me, I'd move all of the
lists off of that host until they get their act together.)

                        Randy Brukardt