On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, J.P. Kermode wrote:
"There is also the TLD compiler. [..]


[..] good quality efficient code can be written. [..]"

But familiarity with TLD may be desirable because it has a reputation for
being buggy.

Does anyone know what has happened to Xinotech?

If Bob Luten's inquirer can be flexible and use the 1750A instead, and is not
bothered about which HLL is used, JOVIAL is available for "PC based UNIX
and MS-DOS" and VAX hosts according to HTTP://WWW.JOVIAL.hill.af.mil/jov_info.htm
and listed on HTTP://WWW.JOVIAL.hill.af.mil/index.html are
"            SPARC Hosted-MIPS R4000 Targeted JOVIAL Compiler
             SPARC Hosted-PowerPC Targeted JOVIAL Compiler
             Windows 95/98/ME/NT (WinX) Compiler".
I do not know of the quality or otherwise of these.