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>BTW, I tried to let the group know that the latest version of ObjectAda,
>has been made available for free download.  However this mailing list seems
>overly pessimistic and rejects all messages with attachments.

Well that's good, because my email clients don't deal with
attachments, and I would hate to get less content from the
list than others (or less than the originator thought they

I am quite curious as to _why_ Aonix would attempt to use
an attachment rather than straight text.  While the Aonix
web site had some sort of a fancy graphic logo the last time
I looked, it added absolutely nothing to my compiler-buying

And I am a paying customer.  Or at least I _was_ -- I am
not sure I got a renewal notice this year.  I don't think
of mail from Aonix to me as going anyplace where anthrax
has been in the postal system.  Eventually I will send
them a letter, as purchasing stuff is not supposed to be
done by email at our place.