There is also AdaGOOP, a tool which sits on top of aflex and ayacc, which is
at  This
automatically fills in actions for lex/yacc so that an object-oriented parse
tree is built.

Martin C. Carlisle, PhD
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Advisor in Charge
United States Air Force Academy

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Subject: Generator of parsers for Ada ?

Good day to all subscribers.

We would like to implement a small compiler for Ada - like language (it will
be small Ada language subset with may be some specific extensions).

We are looking for tools like LEX/YACC  which
can generate Ada lexer/parser. According to our wishes, these tools should
generate GOOD Ada code, i.e. it shouldn't be C code which can be compiled by
Ada compiler but real good style Ada code.

Ideally these tools themselves should be example of good easy-to-support Ada

Are there such tools ?

Sergei Lodyagin,