There is still Ada work in the Washington metro area.
Some defense related some not.  NASA/Goddard, the FAA
Air Traffic Management, and of course many DoD contracts.
If you're interested in working in this area, contact
me and I'll fill you in.  I may even be able to find
you a job through AdaSoft where I work. :-)

You don't see many ads in the local papers.  My belief
is that many in this area have found that it's easier
to hire someone with application domain expertise
and have them learn Ada on-the-job or at one of the area

IMO, It's easy to learn Ada. It's much harder to learn
to be a good software engineer or application domain expert.

Many of you know of the job posting site at GWU

There have been job postings as recently as 11/30/01.
Unfortunately, during a recent reorganization of their
site the link to the actual job description got broken.
Hopefully, the problem will be resolved soon.

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