> My problem with the AdaIC site has always been the content is stale.

We've tried to root out stale content. During the redesign, we validated the
contents of most of the pages under our control, and fixed or removed most
stale links. If you see anything on the primary site that you think is
stale, please let us know.

> If you want to get more visits from Adaphiles (and as Randy has requested
> articles on Ada), I suggest you create an AdaIC announcement email list.
> This way you can track visitors who want to keep informed of updates
> to the AdaIC site.  [Note:  You shouldn't stop posting announcements
> via Team-Ada and other means.]

We'll consider the mailing list idea.

In the mean time, however, the site has a "What's New" page (recently
restored to the site; the old site had one); it's easy to find (just click
on the "What's New" button on the home page). It's a little short at the
moment (we didn't keep track of changes during the redesign phase, and there
were many), but it will grow quickly.

                        Randy Brukardt
                        co-webmaster, www.adaic.org