Pascal Obry writes:
 > > Using AWS :)

Randy Brukardt writes:
 > Well, not exactly.

Too bad :(

 > The primary site ( runs on a commercial hosting site,
 > because we (the TPPB) wanted connectivity and reliability that we couldn't
 > afford to build ourselves. That limits the use of items beyond HTML and
 > scripting.
 > The secondary site ( and the archive site
 > ( [the archives contain all of the stuff from the
 > old site that we haven't reviewed or updated] run on a yet-to-be-named
 > server that's part of a product-in-development that may or may not ever see
 > the light of day. It's all in Ada, currently based on the Claw sockets
 > library, and was designed for security and reliability. Thus, it doesn't do
 > anything fancy at all, just serves pages and directories. So far, it hasn't

In AWS we have an implementation of a simple Web Server, to serve only HTML
pages and browse directories. Anway it is good to hear that this server will
be stamped "Ada Inside".



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