> > Some of the content (including the Ada Reference Manual and the Ada 95
> > Certified Processors List) are created with Ada programs that generate
> Are the Ada sources and the master document of the revised AARM
> available somewhere?

Yes, at the ACAA site (http://www.ada-auth.org/).

> If possible, my plan would be to try to have the RM included in the
> FSF source distribution of the GCC compiler. The Ada norm is unique in
> its free availability and that might appeal the FSF. Over the next
> year that would probably mean that every Linux CD set would have a
> copy of it :).

I'd certainly encourage that. The generator program could easily be modified
to produce some other output format (just create a new "output object"). But
I'd suggest using the existing HTML and/or PDF if possible. (Avoids making
new, possibly different versions of the text.)

> FYI: ACATS, also a unique "free" feature of Ada, is already planned to
> be included, we're waiting for FSF lawyers green light.

Sounds good to me.

                        Randy Brukardt.
                        ARG Editor