Dear CHI colleagues,

  I proud to announce a new small web site created by my students called CHARM -
Choosing Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Appropriate Research Methods

It contains six articles
  - The Role of Theory in HCI
  - Development Methods: User Needs Assessments & Task Analyses
  - Ethnographic Methods
  - Survey Methods: Surveys & Questionnaires
  - Controlled Experiments
  - Logging & Automated Metrics

written by the nine students in the class

I'd appreciate comments on the articles sent to the class listserv which
includes me:

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or you can approach individual students about their articles.

It would be great if you could send my students appreciative comments... or
suggestions for improvement.  Brief comments in the next week would be most
helpful, so they can make changes before the end of the semester.  You are
welcome to pass this note around to others who might be interested.  Thanks...

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