*****THIS IS A CHI 2002 UPDATE*****

DEADLINE REMINDER.  The following submission categories have 7 December
2001 deadlines :
    Extended Interactionary
    Interaction Design Portfolios
    Short Talks & Interactive Posters
    Special Interests Groups
    Student Posters
Checkout  www.acm.org/chi2002  for more information and for sample

Something NEW at CHI 2002:   CHI2002|AIGA Experience Design FORUM.  This
FORUM is the first "satellite" event at the annual CHI conference to
bring in new communities and explore connections with existing members
of our broad HCI community. This FORUM has been developed to reach out
to design and usability professionals who often have widely divergent
perspectives and practices, yet ultimately are all responsible for
making technology useful, usable and desirable for everyone. Look for
more information about it in future emails and on the Web!

CHIPLACE!  Continue to visit CHI's new interactive online forum.  Learn
more about the conference, committee members, planned activities, and
other attendees in the months leading up to CHI 2002. Don't forget to
checkout the "Story of the Week"...only at www.chiplace.org  !

                           CHI 2002…BE THERE!