The holidays are upon us and before long it will be January 4th--- the *original* submission deadline. Due to the tremendous interest in this event, we've extended the submission deadline by two weeks!

The *new* important dates are:
18 January      Deadline for uploading submissions
15 February     Acceptance notification
 1 March                Final submission (if edits required)
21-22 April     Presentation at FORUM

We encourage you to submit case studies that describe your work applying human-centered design principles. Suggested design contexts include:

Standalone products:
* Websites
* Software applications
* Mobile device interfaces
* Specialized applications (e.g. kiosks, web applications, CDi, etc.)
* Embedded computing interfaces
* Interactive data visualization

Communication/collaboration environments:
* Pervasive computing
* Virtual reality
* Multi-channel applications
* Interactive television

If you haven't already downloaded the CFP or case study template-- they're still here:

A point of clarification brought to our attention regarding the case study template: in the 'Post launch results' section, be sure to include information regarding the actual user experience / user reaction to the product, in addition to any financial or other success metric data.

Enjoy the holidays!

We eagerly look forward to your submissions--
FORUM Committee

Richard Anderson       
Jonathan Arnowitz      
Dave Curbow    
Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson
Shelley Evenson
Austin Henderson       
Nico Macdonald 
Peter Merholz          
Marc Rettig            
Terry Swack    
Gong Szeto
Manfred Tscheligi