FYI, for those who know me...

I have been VERY deliquent in sending out this message.  I do apologize.

I now work for Raytheon at the Sudbury MA facililty on the Upgraded Early
Warning Radar system (UEWR).  It is one of the two ground-based radar
systems of the NMD.  It is a C++ development using UML and Rational Rose
for the development process.  I lead the development of the Activity
Coordinator, that has the responsibility of elaborating and controlling the
various Mission Application activities in the presence of mode changes and
fault tolerance.  C++ is more complex than Ada95 with no software
reliability -- the worst of all worlds.

The location information for me at Raytheon is:

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Thanks for all of you who provided me with information, tips, etc. in
finding work.

Mike Kamrad
MA phone:  508.791.4655
MN phone:  952.432.6129
cell phone:  612.810.4219

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