Hal Hart writes:

 >    1.  Mike filters off his list of offending domains.  (He could update his
 > filters over time.)
 >    2.  We close the list.
 > I don't want to go directly to #2 because I think we have just enough
 > inquiries from new Ada folks (i.e., non-subscribers) that this would work to
 > our community's disadvantage.

I find this a bit extreem. What if my domain happens to be one of the
offenders ?

Personally, I do not care much about the spam. I get it anyway, just use
the delete key (and perhaps not use an MS mail program :-).

If something needs to be done, use subscription, like most list I am on do.
Seems to work fine there. Team-Ada is about advocacy, but -I think- not an
advocacy tool in itself.

Moderation would IMO be bad. A lot of work for the moderator, slows things
down, and is a great OT discussion stimulator.

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